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Monday, March 7th 2022

Happy Birthday Nick

Nick had to wake up early to attend a team meeting that was important… even on vacation on his birthday!
We needed to get some charging cables because we forgot to pack them, so we went to Family Dollar (the only store in this town) and Deanna let Nick pick out a toy since it was his birthday!
Deanna and Nick started having a war flinging the chickens at each other.
Ut Oh, they are stuck on the ceiling… good going Deanna!
After the war, we decided to play tourist and walk around Lava… doing a nice hippy store for Deanna
We ended up both getting rings.
We then went to lunch at a local restaurant.
We headed back to the hotel for an amazing birthday nap. Here you can see us walking up and down the halls looking at the pictures of the town when it was first built.
After that awesome nap, it was finally time to go and enjoy the Lava Hot Springs!
Some creepy statues Deanna took a pic of there.
After the soaking for hours, we drove to Pocatello to have a big dinner at Elmer’s.

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