February 3rd, 2017

Back to Deanna’s to spend most of the day with her.




Our every other Friday thing… breakfast and coffee! Oh how I love these dates!



Hit the DI for a little browsing.


Had to stop at the gas station just to wash my windshield…


Went on a tour of a house… this house is amazing!


Had to stop at the post office too…


Had to do a goodbye pic before she goes on her trip.


And a goodbye kiss…


Ok, time to adult and get my taxes done…. all submitted and IRS accepted it.


Kayla wanted to get pic with me before she went out with the parents.


Now I’m getting my butt kicked by this little guy… and I actually tried to beat him!!


And the proceeded to kick my ass at HiHo Cherry-O… SERIOUSLY!!!!


He wanted to wear the hat Deanna made for me when we went to get pizza for dinner.


Mmm… dinner.


A little painting after dinner.


Hard to tell, but we finished the evening watching a little Moana