The McKelmann Photoblog

Friday, February 19th 2021

Do I need to explain what’s going on here?
Over lunch – Nick went to Forrestt’s agency to install the NAS (Network Attached Server) that he set up for him… Sorry it took so long Forrestt!
Right after, Nick went to the Doctor to have his Lipomas looked at… came out of the office with a referral for a surgeon and meds for a sinus infection.
The small amount of time I get with Ethan after school.
Nick playing with Loki between meetings.
After work, Nick got his mini-cooler ready… Little did he know, he wouldn’t need it.
While Nick was getting his cooler ready, Deanna was in making herself beautiful.
Out for drinks with this beautiful woman!
While we were out, Airalynn went to the mall with Friends.
At the next place, Deanna tried a new seltzer. This one was fantastic. As you can see, we spent the evening laughing and playing cards.
After the fun, yes we stopped for food.

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