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Friday, February 25th 2022

Woke up to even more snow… this year seems like it will never stop.
On a break, I took the time to fire up the snow blower and clear the sidewalks and walk way.
Color Pin League meets on Fridays, and Deanna was able to go with Nick this time!
Nick won $5 on a strike with the Color pins in in a certain combination!
After the league, we had someone coming to buy some barrels, but as some of you know, the snow and wind this year brought down 3 of our 4 tents, so Nick had to spend hours digging out the tents so the customer could get to our remaining barrels.
Ethan just hanging out in the flower station watching TikTok on his phone.
When we had mom and dad watch Pix for us one night, mom let Ethan draw on one of our booths with a permanent marker, so this is the first coat of white paint trying to cover it up.
After work (closing Pix), Nick had Oreos and milk as a snack.

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