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Friday, March 5th 2021

Deanna wanted to give Nick his birthday presents early… New Braves hat… whoop.
Ethan’s teacher’s birthday is the same day at Nick’s, so Nick and Ethan worked on a gift for her, she is really into Sea Turtles.
I took it to his school so he could give it to her… she was so happy!
In Boise, Airalynn got to go ride Go Karts… Lucky!
She is having such a good time with her friends.
Another day at the hockey tournament… Hockey Mom Deanna left work early so she could attend.
After the tournament, she got stuck behind a train on the way to another errand.
And she forgot her mask… oops.
After work, Deanna surprised Nick with taking him to a theme’d hotel for the evening… this is Atlantis.
This is the dome above the bed.. the room was magical.
For dinner, she took me to a fancy restaurant called Buddy’s

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