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Friday, October 18th, 2019

I got a new water bottle to use at work… I went from not drinking any water at all while I worked to drinking two of these today… not to bad… was stupid cold today.
Ethan’s raincoat came in for his Halloween costume… he wants to be Georgie from IT.
A little DI shopping this evening… I know, I hate people who talk on the phone too while they shop, but I honestly had a pretty important business call at that moment.
Took another pic while we were there.
Deanna and Avery played a little chess while we wound down for the evening.
Airalynn playing with her new phone we got her. Yes it is a flip phone… she has to earn trust to get a better phone.
Shitty picture… but I ended the evening playing some ARK… Probably my favorite pastime at the moment.

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