The McKelmann Photoblog

Monday, February 28th 2022

Our new banner for Pix arrived today – can’t wait to get it up… aiming for lunch time on Tuesday.
After work – Nick bolted down to the bowling alley to try and get a few practice games in before league… Here he is showing he got his 3rd turkey!
Deanna and Avery did a little treat making after work.
Loki trying a strawberry… and ended up loving it.
Oh man, they look sooooo good!
Nick got a picture with Big Mike (one of the team members on the league).
Deanna and Avery went over to the Payne’s house for dinner with Ashleigh and Noah.
After dinner, Deanna needed to take Avery to hockey.
Nick had a couple drinks while bowling tonight.
After bowling, Nick grabbed dinner from Jack in the Box, and Deanna and Avery had a snack so we could all sit at the table and talk about our day.

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