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Saturday, February 13th 2021

Still trying to wake up with breakfast… Breakfast of champions, Nick with Pizza, and Airalynn with frozen burritos lol.
Had to run to Sam’s Club for some meds, and saw their FreeOSK had Dude Wipe samples – when Nick ran his card, he got 2 samples… Jackpot!
Because of the all the snow, Rex was looking awful, so on our way home, we stopped and gave him a wash.
Deanna took on a project for the day and cleaning out her closet. She made 3.5 bags of clothes to donate.
Maynard took full advantage of the bedroom door being open and crashed out on our bed.
Nick and his new little cooler. No more warm beers, or having to get up to go to the fridge. Laziness level upgrade +2
Airalynn working on homework over lunch.
Nick is making ‘Nam’ for his lunch.
Loki is always by my side when I cook, hoping I drop something.
Avery and Nick went out to tackle the snow – the snowblower is fixed, so him and I made quick work of it. Here he is digging out the sleds from the piles of snow.
While Nick and Avery were outside, Deanna started hand washing her shoes she dug out of her closet project.
Dinner was fantastic. Salisbury Steak with potatoes and steamed broccoli.
After dinner, we all cuddled up for movie(s) time. We watched ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘The Naked Gun’. A couple of oldies but goodies.
And yes, Loki was there with us.

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