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Saturday, February 20th 2021

Woke up to the snow falling super heavy.
After getting ready, Nick thought it was probably a good idea to switch the cars so we were driving around in the truck. Once he got the cars swept off, he realized he might get stuck in the driveway, so he went ahead and used the snowblower.
After snowblowing, Nick was working on the blog, and Oakleigh sat in his lap for a visit.
When the snow stopped we went to Walmart to do some clearance shopping.
Nick picked up a couple new camping hats for $2 and $4.
Deanna picked up some storage boxes for our blankets… the top is a before, and the bottom is them more organized.
We also got more popcorn… Deanna is refilling our popcorn container… we love popcorn in this house.
For dinner, we are trying to pick up Tyson and Amber’s tradition of cooking some fat steaks instead of going out to eat.
They turned out pretty good, not Nick’s best work, but we think we are going to try a lot more times lol.
While we were eating dinner, Airalynn went to her HS basketball game.
After dinner, Deanna and Nick got to work putting together Airalynn’s birthday gift… a loft bed… was a lot harder than it looks.
After the bed was all put together, we decided to wind down purchasing a new game (a game Tyson introduced Nick to while he was visiting him)
Tater was being too cute not to take a pic of.

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