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Saturday, January 6th 2021

Amber made breakfast – so good.
Tyson’s cats liked to visit while I was eating.
Deanna had oatmeal.
While playing video games – Lilly came up to visit Nick. Tyson couldn’t believe I was able to call her up like that.
Airalynn and Deanna went and got drink from Pick Me Up.
Tyson and Amber got Deanna and I a Christmas gift, of a drinking game version of Jenga… luckily the shot glasses it came with were 1/2 shot size… but by the end of the second game, we were hurting pretty bad lol.
For dinner, Deanna and Airalynn ordered Buffalo Wild Wings… mmm
And they watched The Walking Dead while they ate.
Amber showed up, and as you can see, we have already went through 1/3 of that giant bottle of Fireball Whiskey.
We started playing cards and we all started feeling too good. Amber caught up to us in a hurry.
Deanna got a haircut over at Ashleigh’s
Tyson wanted me to take shot of this nasty stuff, but the lid would not come off, so we had to get a tool to get it free.
The girls (Deanna, Ashleigh, and Airalynn) playing cards.
Tyson and Nick setup up the dolls (Hilde and Brittney) around the REM pod to see if we got any super natual hits.

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