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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Deanna started the day by stopping into Walmart to grab us a new rubber mallet (dad broke our other one lol)
Nick started his day out working on a barrel order that includes two full barrels and two side tables.
Stopped to grab lunch on the way to Airalynn’s band competition in Pocatello.
Stopped at a gas station because we didn’t feel safe with our tire air pressure being slightly low for the trip. I took the time to show Avery how it all works.
Avery caught a nap on the way there.
Starting formation… see if you can find Airalynn.
Stopped in at Lowe’s on the way home to grab some materials for the business.
Oh crap, its snowing again.
Dinner at a new restaurant that we haven’t tried before. It was pretty good.
Deanna is working on the staining of one of the barrels.
The two side tables are coming along nicely.

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