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Saturday, October 26th, 2019

After girl’s slumber party, Deanna and them decided to make Idaho nachos for breakfast. They were amazing!
Triple clothed and ready for her trip to watch Airalynn’s last Marching competition.
Tyson gave us a project for the day. We started taking apart his car and putting on new parts.
Doing there warm ups and ready to rock!
Her face when Deanna found her was worth not telling her she was going. She was so surprised and happy!
Working on the front bumper.
A better angle.
Deanna picked up some groceries at Winco. She is excited to have me try these non-dairy ice creams.
Deanna’s pizza is done and she is ready to relax!
Some movies about serial killers to round out Deanna’s evening nicely.
The front bumper is back on with the new bezels, fog lights and body kit… car isn’t complete, so no full pics yet.

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