The McKelmann Photoblog

Sunday, March 6th 2022

Nick is waiting in the car for Deanna to head to Pix.
Nick duped Deanna off at Pix to open and then headed to grab some lunch.
Deanna in the middle of a podcast, interviewing a radio DJ in the UK.
After closing Pix early, we went to Walmart to buy way more snacks than adults should be allowed to have.
A whole cart full… nice!
Now we are on the road headed toward McCammon Idaho for Nick’s birthday. He asked to spend time in Lava Hot Springs, and we got a fancy hotel in McCammon.
This hotel was like a small apartment, so nice… and they gave Nick a treat, drinks and a balloon for a gift.
Taking advantage of the counter, we got a couple card games in.
We opted for non-alcoholic drinks with dinner.
Hard to believe this is a $50 plate. Needless to say, we went back to the hotel and had snacks lol.

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