The McKelmann Photoblog

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

Tater is so miserable with his cone that he is making sure he is in our way with everything we do… Hopefully he will get it off in two days.
Did a lot of cleaning in Ethan and Dominick’s room today… Sold this dresser since I bought them a bigger one.
Took another trip to Walmart to pick up Ethan a padding for his bed… Tyson and Amber introduced us to this… its nice!
After grabbing lunch at Red Robin, Ethan started teasing Tater with his balloon.
Back to work taking care of the ducks… So far the heater is working on their water, but we haven’t had any extreme cold nights yet… Also I raked today, but no pics of that.
Finished the evening buying and downloading a new game “For The King”. Deanna and I stayed up later than we should have and played… great game.

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