The McKelmann Photoblog

Thursday, January 28th, 2021

Dropping Airalynn off at school, before the light of day.
Tater likes to hang out with us while we work
Trying to make healthier choices with food… Deanna had a salad, and I just ate less than normal (still too much, but I’ll get there)
After lunch, we took the truck to the car wash. Deanna is taking off the antenna.
Rex is all clean now (yes the trucks name is Rex)
After work, we picked Airalynn up from school… long day for her!
After dinner, all 3 of us went to the Gym
Loki looking at the shipment of boxes we got in for McKelmanns.
Nick’s face is still beat red as we wind down for the evening… Tater relaxing with us.

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