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Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

This is my office I setup in our hotel room to work from… why not use the TV as an extra monitor?
Found out you can get 1 hour delivery from Amazon PrimeNow in Vegas… spent a lot, but saved in the long run lol.
Deanna is busy with her conference… tons of people.
She found a good view on one of her breaks.
This is the view from the room during the day.
I was able to go to lunch with her… a fancy little Chinese restaurant in the hotel.
We decided to play tourist and walk the strip on our way to the show.
Stopped at the Bellagio to watch the fountain and a duck swam right up to us.
Fountains are beautiful.
Have to take the selfie with them.
Ok, this is a better one in front of New York New York.
Then we hit the Blue Man Group show with our friend Angela. She is amazing for getting us these right up front tickets.
Ok, maybe I am a little overly excited.
Caught them in one of our pics.
Walking back to our hotel, we ran into a Zoltar machine.
Deanna wanted a pic squeezing the tit of a statue.

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