The McKelmann Photoblog

Tuesday, February 9th 2021


Tater fell asleep next to Deanna while she worked.
Tyson had a car appointment today, so Tyson and Nick setup a mobile spot to work.
Amber came and picked Tyson and Nick up for lunch… Hard to see, but it’s Wendy’s
Tyson’s car is done… he got new coil-overs installed, so it is now lower to the ground.
Deanna made pancakes for her and Airalynn for dinner
Hey Airalynn, want some pancakes to go with that syrup?
Tyson and Amber made chicken breast and vegetables for dinner… It was really good!
After dinner, Deanna and Airalynn went to the mall. They picked out some new crystals for the energy of the house.
After everyone in the Irby household went to bed, Nick wasn’t tired, so he went shopping. This is him at Wal-mart.
Nick out late night by himself is not a good thing, and look, he stopped at Taco Bell for a “snack”.

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