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Tuesday, March 1st 2022

Deanna and Nick working their day job everyday.
Over our lunch break, we headed down to Pix to put up the new banner. Nick did all the high stuff.
And of course, we had to take a selfie in front of the banner being up.
When we got home – we found Avery has started his huge lego build and had it scattered over the library floor.
Deanna made herself a fancy Thanksgiving sandwich.
Right before date night started, we both laid down and took a quick 10 minute nap with some cuddles.
Date night took us to another town (Rexburg). Right when we got there, Maverick gas station had this on their sign… still trying to figure out what they were trying to say.
Dinner was at a local to their restaurant called Red Rabbit. Was really good food. Nick got a chicken bacon avocado wrap, and Deanna got salmon. Nick isn’t making a face cause the food is bad… its more because all the food pictures are of him and the food lol.
After dinner, we got to the theater a little early, so we spent some time playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the arcade.
And finally, it was movie time. The whole reason we drove all the way to Rexburg (for some reason this movie isn’t being shown in our town or others around us). The movie was Cyrano… very good movie… we suggest watching it to anyone who asks… here is the trailer:

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