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Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

Amber gave me a new backpack. I got all my stuff moved in.
The white stuff has arrived in Idaho. 🙁
Tyson and I took an early lunch today.
Took a trip to a popular coffee shop to work. This place was high energy. The girls were singing and dancing while working… Loved this place.
Had to take Tater to the vet for the third time. Good thing our vet is amazing. First overnight visit too.
Tyson gave me a new hat to wear. This is the logo of the company I am now working for.
Mmmmmm Spaghetti
Flu shots for three! And no one shed a tear. Kinda bummed that I missed out on this.
Deanna and the kids finished the night with a free Halloween Pound class by Ashley. She’s too amazing!

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