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Wednesday, December 25th, 2019 – Christmas Day

On the way to the Hadley’s to deliver Haiden her Christmas gifts on the way to the Rebmann’s
Played some games while eating mom’s munchies.
Kayla posing.
Dad and I took a break from games to watch some classic Jerry.
Kelbie got home from her dad’s and got to open the gifts that we got her (since she won’t be able to join us at the McKelmann Christmas).
Grandpa loving watching her open.
Mom and daughter looking at her gifts.
We had to get a pic with Kelbie
Time for more pictures
Deanna and Kayla
Kayla and I can’t seem to take a serious picture together.
Nope… lets try again.
Oh no, she is wild… try again.
So close… good enough.
Playing with Kelbie, wrestling around a bit.
On the way home, we drove past some houses to look at lights.
Seen some good places.

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